Alex Pertout is recognised as one of Australia's leading percussionists and with credits on hundreds of albums, soundtracks and jingles is undeniably one of Australia's most recorded musicians. His playing has graced number one charting singles and albums and many award winning recordings. He has also attained credits as a member of numerous television orchestras, theatre orchestras, in countless live performances covering a wide musical spectrum, as a creative improvisor, author, recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound recordist and record producer. He has also established himself as a respected educator and is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Contemporary Music Performance at the Faculty of the Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

Alex was born in Santiago, Chile, lived in Gorizia, Italy and settled in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1970s. His parents provided a creative backdrop for his musical growth. His Chilean mother and Slovenian father (surname of French origin) were ardent lovers of classical music, and in particular opera. At age 15 Alex embarked on studies in rhythmic percussion from various sources which eventually led to an academic musical path. In 1980 he was part of the first intake of students into the newly developed jazz program at the Victorian College of the Arts, directed by the legendary saxophonist Brian Brown. During his college education he also researched composition, arranging techniques, vibes, marimba, orchestral percussion and piano. Alex graduated from the VCA in 1983 with High Distinction. He has since completed further academic studies completing an MPhil in Music at the Australian National University.

As a percussionist Alex has attained recording credits on hundreds of releases, these include compact discs, long plays, mini long plays, 12" mixes and singles with artists
such as Powderfinger, Australian Art Orchestra, Japanese fusion band Casiopea, Little River Band w/John Farnham, Tina Arena, Shane Howard, Daryl Braithwaite, French artist Charlelie Couture, Archie Roach, Goanna, Mark Gillespie, Paul Grabowsky, Vince Jones, Ruby Hunter, Pseudo Echo, Joe Chindamo, Kate Ceberano & Her Septet, The Black Sorrows, Redgum, Hunters & Collectors, Tommy Emmanuel, Merril Bainbridge, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Malaysian rock band Wings, Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, Mark Seymour, Saffire, Rob Mills, Kavisha Mazzella,  Tony Gould, Coco's Lunch, Dan Greenwood, Mike Brady, Mark Elliot, Kids In The Kitchen, James Reyne, Mondo Rock, The Lovers, Rozzi, Christine Sullivan, Debra Byrne, Stephen Kirk, Graham Goble, Wendy Grace, Jamie Fielding, Linda Cable, Penny Dyer, Justin Humphries, Brian Brown, Linda George, Jane Rutter, Lisa Young Quartet, Fiona Burnett, Wendy Rule, Peter Jones, Lisa McCune, Linn Van Heck, Venice Beach, Southern Sons, Things Of Stone And Wood, Larry Maluma, Colin Buchanan, Dinash, Howlin' Wind, The Seekers, Mixed Relations, Among Thieves, Peter Andre, Stephen Housden, Joe Creighton, Broderick Smith, Arch Stevenson, Andrew Pendlebury, Bob Sedegreen, Steve Warner, Rhapsody In Red, Cotton Club Orchestra, Stephen Cummings, Cezary Skubiszewski, Richard Pleasance, Paul Norton, The Slow Club, Nick Barker And The Reptiles, FGHR, Neil Murray, Olivia Newton-John, Ross Wilson, Joe Camilleri, Indecent Obsession, Chantoozies, Ted Egan, John McAuslan, Fernandez & Wright, Steve Grace, Manikins, Adrian's Wall, Judy Conelli, FX, Greg Champion, Ka Ha, White Light Orchestra, Hi Ho, David Evans And Thunder Down Under, The Ones, Brian Cadd, Bruce Rowland, Colleen Hewet, Peter Cupples, Monica Brown, World Rhythm Band, Seona McDowell and Savanna Silver Band among many others.

Alex & Nilusha
Moments In Time [2012]
Joe Chindamo
Another Place, Some Other Time [2010]

Burn Your Name [2009]
Going Home [2009]

Golden Rule [2009]
Lisa Young Quartet
Grace [2007]

Fiona Burnett
Imagine [2006]
Stationery [2006]

Australian Art Orchestra
Ruby [2005]
Mark Seymour
Embedded [2004]

Nostalgica [2004]
Joe Chindamo
Paradiso [2004]

Society Of Composers Inc
Soundscapes [2004]
Rob Mills
Up All Night [2004]

It Runs In The Family
Motion Picture Soundtrack [2003]
Fernandez & Wright
Unsung [2003

Kavisha Mazzella
Silver Tango  [2003]
Shane Howard
Retrospect [2003]

Motion Picture Soundtrack [2002]
Coco's Lunch
A Whole New Way Of Getting Dressed [2002]

Alex Pertout
From The Heart [2001]
Dan Greenwood
This Is The Girl [2001]

Mike Brady
The Mistress [2001]
Spirit Of Christmas 2001
Various Artists [2001]

Australian Cast Recording [2001]
Mark Elliot
More Pieces Of Me [2001]

The Goddess Of 1967
Motion Picture Soundtrack [2001]
My Happiness [2000]

The Lovers
Black Orchid [2000]
Secret Key

Odyssey Number Five [2000]
Joe Chindamo
Good Little Ploy [2000]

Australian Art Orchestra
Into The Fire [2000]
Spirit Of Christmas 1999
Various Artists [1999]

Christine Sullivan
Bloom [1999]
Siam Sunset 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1999]

Merril Bainbridge
Walk On Fire [1999[
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Gerard Brophy - Metropolis Series [1999]

Australian Art Orchestra
Passion [1999]
Coco's Lunch
Invisible Rhythm [1999]

Tommy Emmanuel
Collaboration [1998]
Stephen Kirk
Secret Place [1998]

Noah's Ark
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1999]
Wendy Grace
Infinite Sky [1998]

Kavisha Mazzella
Fisherman's Daughter [1998]
Jamie Fielding
Notes From The Underground [1998]

Merril Bainbridge
Between The Days [1998]
Linda Cable
Just A Dreamer [1998]

The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1998]
Penny Dyer
Adieu, Miro [1998]

Jazziz On Disc Presents
Percussion On Fire
Justin Humphries
Mind Funk [1997]

Christine Sullivan
Here And Now [1997]
Brian Brown
Flight [1997]

Joe Chindamo
Anyone Who Had A Heart [1997]
Linda George
Circle Dance [1996]

Jane Rutter
Wendy Rule

Lilian's Story 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1996]
Peter Jones
Thin Ice

Tommy Emmanuel
Classical Gas [1996]
Blue Heelers
TV Series Soundtrack [1996]

Joe Chindamo
Reflected Journey [1995]
Spirit Of Christmas 1995
Various Artists [1995]

Merril Bainbridge
Power Of One 
The Lovers
No Reason Why [1995]

Australian Art Orchestra
Ringing The Bell Backwards [1995]
Linn Van Heck
Difficult Women

The Lovers
Embrace [1995]
Venice Beach
Chainsaw Fantasy [1995]

Graham Goble
Stop  [1995]

Penny Dyer
Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly [1995]
Things Of Stone And Wood
Junk Theatre [1995]
Larry Maluma
Motion [1995]

Southern Sons
Don't Tell Me What's Right [1995]
Greg Champion
Everybody Loves To Watch The Cricket [1995]

Aladdin: The Return Of Jafar
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1994]
Spirit Of Christmas 1994
Various Artists [1994]

Wings & Superfriends
Opera Dalam Kenangan Parts 1&2 [1994]
Debra Byrne
Diamond In The Rough [1994]

Lightning Jack 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1994]
Colin Buchanan
The Measure Of A Man [1994]

Debra Byrne
Sleeping Child [1994]
World Of Change [1994]

Lucky Break 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1994]
Howlin' Wind
Great Ocean Road [1994]

Motion Picture Soundtrack [1993]
Debra Byrne
Heaven Down Here [1993]

Paul Grabowsky
Viva Viva [1993]
Larry Maluma
Punzizani Aana [1993]

Things Of Stone And Wood
The Yearning [1993]
The Spirit Of Christmas 1993 
Various Artists [1993]

The Seekers
The Silver Jubilee Album [1993]
Mixed Relations
Love [1993]

Archie Roach
Jamu Dreaming [1993]
Among Thieves
Self-Titled [1993]

The Silver Brumby 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1993]
Peter Andre
Self-Titled [1993]

Alex Pertout
Self-Titled [1993]
Larry Maluma
Man And Woman [1993]

Stephen Housden
New World Groove [1993]
Joe Creighton
Holywell [1992]

Active [1992]
Broderick Smith
Snowblind Moon [1992]

The New Rocky Horror Show 
Australian Cast Recording [1992]
Arch Stevenson
Only Say The Word [1992]

Mark Gillespie
Andrew Pendlebury
Don't Hold Back That Feeling [1992]

Last Days Of Chez Nous
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1992]
Bob Sedegreen
Bobbing And Weaving

Steve Warner
Sketches Of Paradise [1992]
Rhapsody In Red & Cotton Club Orchestra
The Bill Armstrong Collection [1992]

Stephen Cummings
Good Humour [1991]
Razor Cuts
Various Artists [1991]

The Seekers
Live On
Larry Maluma & Kalimba

Debbie Byrne
Caught In The Act [1991]
Cezary Skubiszewski
SoundeScape [1991]

Richard Pleasance
Galleon [1991]

Broderick Smith
Suitcase [1991]

Daryl Braithwaite
The Horses [1990]
Paul Norton
Under A Southern Sky [1990]

The Slow Club
World Of Wonders [1990]
The Black Sorrows
Never Let Me Go [1990]

Charlelie Couture
Melbourne-Aussie [1990]
The Crossing 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1990]

Daryl Braithwaite
Rise [1990]
Larry Maluma & Kalimba
One Mans Poison [1990]

Shane Howard
River [1990]
Wendy Cracked A Walnut
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1990]

The Black Sorrows
Harley And Rose [1990]
Hunters & Collectors
Blind Eye [1990]

Tina Arena
Strong As Steel [1989]
Nick Barker And The Reptiles
Make Me Smile [1989]

The Black Sorrows
Fire Down Below [1989]
Neil Murray
Calm & Crystal Clear [1989]

Hunters & Collectors
Ghost Nation [1989]
Olivia Newton-John
Warm And Tender [1989]

Ross Wilson
Dark Side Of The Man [1989]
Joe Camilleri/Amnesty International
Angel Dove [1989]

Nick Barker And The Reptiles
...Goin' To Pieces [1989]
Indecent Obsession
Spoken Words [1989]

Wanna Be Up [1988]
Ted Egan
Ted's Shout [1988]

The Black Sorrows
The Chosen Ones [1988]
Larry Maluma & Kalimba
Confusion [1988]

Kiss 'N Tell [1988]
John McAuslan
The Immigrant [1988]

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1988]
Kate Ceberano
I'm Beginning To See The Light [1988]

Self-Titled [1988]
Steve Grace
Children Of The Western World [1988]

The Black Sorrows
Hold On To Me [1987]
Hunters & Collectors
Still Hanging 'Round [1987]

Kate Ceberano And Her Septet
Live [1987]
Self-Titled [1987]

Kids In The Kitchen
Terrain [1987]
Hunters & Collectors
Do You See What I See? [1987]

James Reyne
Rip It Up [1987]
Mondo Rock
Aliens [1987]

Hunters & Collectors
What's A Few Men? [1987]
Little River Band
Forever Blue [1987]

Kids In The Kitchen
Revolution Love [1987]
Adrian's Wall
Caught In The Web [1987]

He's Gonna Step On You Again [1987]
Little River Band
Face In The Crowd [1987]

Crocodile Dundee 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1986]
Judy Conelli
Turning Point

Little River Band
No Reins [1986]
Personal [1986]

Midnight Sun [1986]
Ka Ha
Heart Of The Warrior

Mondo Rock
Boom Baby Boom [1986]
White Light Orchestra
Halley's Comet [1986]

Hi Ho
One Man Too Late 
Australian TV's Greatest Hits
Various Themes [1986]

David Evans And Thunder Down Under
Self-Titled [1986]
The Ones
Heart [1986]

Death Before Dishonor 
Motion Picture Soundtrack [1986]
Dangerous Dancing [1986]

Common Ground [1985]
Hi Ho
Minimal Heart [1986]

Oceania [1985]
Pseudo Echo
Try [1985]

Brian Cadd
No Stone Unturned [1985]
Lisa Young
Fire And The Spark [1985]

Pseudo Echo
Love An Adventure [1985]
Bruce Rowland
Piano By Request [1985]

Linda Cable
Ya-De-Ya [1985]
Brian Cadd
Still Hurting Me [1985]

Tony Gould
Best Of Friends [1984]
Colleen Hewet
The Power Of Love [1985]

Brian Brown
Wildflowers [1984]
Australia You're Standing In It 
TV Series Soundtrack [1984]

Stephen Cummings
Another Kick In The Head [1982]
Peter Cupples
Dryin' Time [1982]

Vince Jones
Watch What Happens [1982]
Brian Cadd
My Baby Loves To Hurt Me [1982]

Stephen Cummings
Senso [1982]
Monica Brown
Let The Children Come [1982]

Stephen Cummings
Stuck On Love [1981]
Peter Cupples
Sweet Summer Nights [1981]

Peter Cupples
Fear Of Thunder [1981]
Broderick Smith's Big Combo
My Father's Hands [1981]

Broderick Smith's Big Combo
Self-Titled [1980]
World Rhythm Band
Ibex [1981]

Savanna Silver Band
Pure Silver [1978]
Seona McDowell
Gossamer Wings [1978]

His percussive work is to be heard also on many motion film soundtracks including It Runs In The Family, Empire Falls, Crocodile Dundee, Siam Sunset, The Goddess Of 1967, Black & White, The Craic, Diana & Me, Simone De Beauvoir's Babies, Shiner, Witch Hunt, Gross Misconduct, Aladdin: The Return Of Jafar, La Spagnola, Andre The Seal, Noah's Ark, Queen Kat, Carmel and St. Jude, The Silver Brumby, Lightning Jack, Last Days Of Chez Nous, Hurricane Smithm, Death Before Dishonour, Return To Eden, Lilian's Story, Lucky Break, The Crossing, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Wendy Cracked A Walnut, The Sound Of One Hand Clapping, The Bit Part, Dusty, Napoleon/Kulta, Georgia, Exile, Tunnel Vision, Life Of Harry Dare, Cheetah and Brilliant Lies among others..

Empire Falls
Starring Helen Hunt, Paul Newman,
Ed Harris and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Music by Paul Grabowsky [2005]
It Runs In The Family
Starring Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas,
Bernadette Peters and Rory Culkin
Music by Paul Grabowsky [2003]

Black & White
Starring Robert Carlyle, Charles Dance,
Kerry Fox and David Ngoombujarra
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski [2002]
La Spagnola
Lola Marceli, Alice Ansara
and Lourdes Bartolome
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski [2001]

Starring Michael Caine, Martin Landau,
Frances Barber and Frank Harper
Music by Paul Grabowsky [2000]
The Goddess Of 1967
Starring Rose Byrne, Rikiya Kurokawa,
Nicholas Hope and Elise McCredie
Music by Jen Anderson [2000]

Noah's Ark
Starring Jon Voight, Mary Steenburgen,
F. Murray Abraham and Carol Kane
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1999]
The Craic
Starring Jimeoin, Alan McKee,
Colin Hay and Bob Franklin
Music by Ricky Edwards [1999]

Diana & Me
Starring Toni Collette, David Parker,
Malcolm Kennard and Dominic West
Music by Brett Rosenberg [1999]
Siam Sunset
Starring Linus Roache, Danielle Cormack,
Ian Bliss and Roy Billing
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1999]

Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude
Starring Alicia Gardiner, Dasi Ruz,
Elissa Elliot and Ben Mendelsohn
Music by Peter Sullivan [1999]
The Sound Of One Hand Clapping
Starring Kerry Fox, Kristof Kaczmarek
and Rosie Flanagan
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski [1998]

Simone De Beauvoir's Babies
Starring Sally Cooper, Anne Looby,
Leverne McDonnell and Sonia Todd
Music by Jen Anderson [1997]

Lilian's Story
Starring Ruth Cracknell, Barry Otto,
Toni Collette and John Flaus
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski [1996]

Brilliant Lies
Starring Gia Carides, Anthony LaPaglia,
Zoe Carides and Ray Barrett
Music by Nerida Tyson-Chew [1996]
Tunnel Vision
Starring Patsy Kensit, Robert Reynolds
and Rebecca Rigg
Music by David Hirschfelder [1995]

Aladdin: The Return Of Jafar
Starring Jonathan Freeman, Scott Weinger
and Dan Castellaneta
Music by Bruce Rowland [1994]
Lucky Break
Starring Gia Carides, Anthony LaPaglia,
Rebecca Gibney and Robyn Nevin
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1994]

Lightning Jack
Starring Paul Hogan, Cuba Gooding Jr,
Beverly D'Angelo and Kamala Lopez
Music by Bruce Rowland [1994]
Andre The Seal
Starring Tina Majorino, Keith Carradine,
Chelsea Field and Shane Meier
Music by Bruce Rowland [1994]

Starring Claudia Karvan, Aden Young
and Beth Champion
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1994]
Gross Misconduct
Starring Jimmy Smits, Naomi Watts,
Sarah Chadwick and Adrian Wright
Music by Bruce Rowland [1993]

The Silver Brumby
Starring Russell Crowe, Caroline Goodall
and Amiel Daemion
Music by Tassos Ioannides [1993]
Hurricane Smith
Starring Carl Weathers, Jürgen Prochnow,
Cassandra Delaney and Tony Bonner
Music by Brian May [1992]

Last Days Of Chez Nous
Starring Lisa Harrow, Bruno Ganz,
Kerry Fox and Miranda Otto
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1992]
Almost (Wendy Cracked A Walnut)
Starring Rosanna Arquette, Bruce Spence,
Hugo Weaving and Kerry Walker
Music by Bruce Smeaton [1990]

The Crossing
Starring Russell Crowe, Robert Mammone,
Danielle Spencer and Emily Lumbers
Music by Martin Armiger [1990]
Starring Keith Coogan, Lucy Deakins
and Timothy Landfield
Music by Bruce Rowland [1989]

Starring Judy Davis, John Bach
and Julia Blake
Music by Paul Grabowsky [1988]
Death Before Dishonour
Starring Fred Dryer, Brian Keith,
Joseph Gian and Sasha Mitchell
Music by Brian May [1987]

Crocodile Dundee
Starring Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski
and John Mellion
Music by Peter Best [1986]
Return To Eden
Starring Rebecca Gillin, James Reyne
and Wendy Hughes
Music by Brian May [1983]

Starring Bill Kerr, Noel Trevarthen
and Carol Burns
Music by Frank Strangio [1983]

Witch Hunt
Starring Jacqueline Bisset, Cameron Daddo and Jerome Ehlers
Music by Cezary Skubiszewski [1999]

The Life Of Harry Da
Starring John Moore, Nicholas Hope and Tommy E Lewis
Music by David Hirschfelder [1995]

In Too Deep
Starring Hugo Race, Santha Press, Alexis Anthopoulos, Craig Alexander and Richard Aspel
Music by Tassos Ioannides [1990]

The Bit Part
Starring Chris Haywood, Nicole Kidman and Katrina Foster
Music by Paul Grabowky and Red Simonds [1987]

As an accomplished and versatile percussionist playing a wide spectrum of instruments Alex has been a member of numerous television and theatre orchestras performing on tonight shows, special network presentations as well as theatre productions. Television presentations include TV Logie Awards, Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, Hey Hey It's Saturday, Brownlow Medal Awards, The Australia Remembers Gala Tribute, AFL Grand Final, The Don Lane Show, APRA Composer Awards, The Midday Show, New Faces, The Bert Newton Show, The Daryl Somers Show, The Australia Day Concert, Good Friday Appeal, The Rolf Harris Carols by Candlelight, Institute for the Blind Telethon, Victoria's 150th Anniversary, An Evening with Dame Edna and Australian Film Institute Awards, in turn backing artists such as Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Chaka Khan, The Commodores, Tim Finn, John Tesh, Don Burrows, Tom Jones, John Farnham, George Golla, Ray Davies, Margaret Urlich, Glen Shorrock, Petula Clark, Joan Carden, Hugh Jackman, Skyhooks, Gina Jeffreys, Bob Barnard, Dannii Minogue, David Dixon, Grace Knight, Anthony Warlow, Slim Dusty and James Morrison to name a few. In the theatre he was part of the orchestra for the productions of HMS Pinafore with Paul Eddigton, Me & My Girl and was a featured percussionist in a year-long season of The Lion King at the Regent Theatre.

TV Logie Awards [Seven Network, GTV 9, Network Ten]
Tonight Live with Steve Vizard [Seven Network]
▪ Hey Hey It's Saturday
[GTV 9]
The Brownlow Medal Awards
[Network Ten]
▪ The Australia Remembers Gala Tribute [ABC]
▪ AFL Grand Final [Seven Network]
▪ The Don Lane Show
[GTV 9]
▪ The Midday Show [GTV 9]
▪ New Faces
[GTV 9]
▪ The Bert Newton Show
[GTV 9]
▪ The Daryl Somers Show
[GTV 9]
▪ The Australia Day Concert
[Network Ten]
▪ Good Friday Appeal
[Seven Network]
▪ The Rolf Harris Show
▪ Carols by Candlelight
[GTV 9]
▪ Institute for the Blind Telethon
[Network Ten]
▪ Victoria's 150th Anniversary
[Seven Network]
An Evening with Dame Edna [GTV 9]
APRA Composer Awards [SBS]
Australian Film Institute Awards [Seven Network]

The Lion King
Regent Theatre, Melbourne

HMS Pinafore
Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

Me & My Girl
Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne

Alex embarked on yet another facet of his already colourful artistic career releasing albums as a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist — Alex Pertout [Larrikin Entertainment] — From The Heart [Vorticity Music] with guests including Mike Stern, Tom Coster, Tommy Emmanuel, Hossam Ramzy, Raul Rekow and Mark Levine — Moments In Time [Whispering Tree Music] from the project Alex & Nilusha co-led with vocalist, composer Nilusha Dassenaike. Alex also produced the 1997 release by saxophonist Brian Brown titled Flight [Newmarket].

Alex & Nilusha
Moments In Time [2012]
Alex Pertout
From The Heart [2001]

Brian Brown
Flight [1997]
Alex Pertout
Self-Titled [1993]

His ensembles Alex Pertout Ensemble, Orquesta Frenesi, Ensemble Mundo and Yambu have performed in concerts, festivals, jazz clubs, on radio and television, both in Australia and internationally including as the opening act for Ottmar Liebert at the Melbourne Concert Hall, Coast To Coast on ABC-TV, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Vorticity's Electric Jazz Festival, Duende at the Melbourne Concert Hall, Australian Jazz Yatra in Mumbai [India], Montsalvat Jazz Festival, Summer Live's Jazz In The Green Room at the Victorian Arts Centre, El Fuego at the Melbourne Concert Hall, Ultimate Drummer's Day, Good Morning Australia on Channel 10, Brunswick Music Festival, Coburg Music Festival, Spoletto Melbourne Festival, Music Deli on ABC Radio, Jazz Az Now on ABC-TV, Twilight Jazz at the Myer Music Bowl, Moomba Jazz Festival, Mechanics Institute, Bennetts Lane and Chapel Off Chapel. The ensembles have featured an array of special guest artists including Egyptian percussionist Hossam Ramzy, noted author and pianist Mark Levine, flautist Dave Valentin, percussion master Raul Rekow, jazz trumpeter Scott Tinkler, trombonist James Greening, pianists Joe Chindamo, Tony Gould and Alister Spence and saxophonist Lachlan Davidson.

His latest project titled Alex & Nilusha is a collaboration with vocalist Nilusha Dassenaike which has released Moments In Time [Whispering Tree Music] a critically acclaimed album which features performances by pianists Joe Chindamo and Tony Gould, trumpeter Miroslav Bukovsky, drummer David Jones, guitarist Leonard Grigoryan, sarodist Saby Bhattacharya, bassist Craig Newman and legendary Latin-jazz flautist Dave Valentin. The project features their original works, as well as original arrangements of repertoire from a wide range of styles. The ensemble has performed widely in jazz clubs both here and internationally, at festivals and in concert including The Melbourne Recital Centre where they opened for Richard Bona.

Alex & Nilusha
Brunswick Music Festival - Brunswick Uniting Church [2013]
The Gathering - Melbourne Recital Centre [2012]
Stonnington Jazz Festival - Chapel Off Chapel [2012]
Winter Music Gathering - Mechanics Institute [2012]
Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Weekend - Darebbin Arts Centre [2012]
The Famous Spiegeltent, Arts Centre - Melbourne [2012]
Dutch Burgher Union - Colombo, Sri Lanka [2011]
Opening for Richard Bona - Melbourne Recital Centre [2010]
Camberwell Music Society - Melbourne [2010]
Melba Hall with special guest Dave Valentin - University of Melbourne [2010]

Alex Pertout Ensemble
The Gathering - Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne [2002]
Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Weekend - Darebbin Entertainment Centre [2001]
The Gathering with special guest Joe Chindamo - Iwaki Auditorium [2001]
Vorticity's Electric Jazz Festival - Melbourne [2001]
Bennetts Lane with special guest Mark Levine [1998]
Duende presented by MAV - Melbourne Concert Hall [1999]
El Fuego presented by MAV - Melbourne Concert Hall [1998]
Australian Jazz Yatra, Ran Bhavan - Mumbai, India [1996]
Brunswick Music Festival - Brunswick Town Hall [1996]
Momba Jazz Festival, Flagstaff Gradens - Melbourne [1994]
Bennetts Lane with special guest Hossam Ramzy [1995]
Jazz In The Green Room, Arts Centre - Melbourne [1994]
Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Day - Dallas Brooks Hall [1993]
Opening for Ottmar Lieber - Melbourne Concert Hall [1993]

Orquesta Frenesi directed by Alex Pertout
Winter Jazz with special guest Dave Valentin - Melbourne Recital Centre [2010]
Graduation with special guest Scott Tinkler - Hamer Hall, Melbourne [2006]
Sabor with special guest Mark Levine - Federation Hall [2005]

Yambu Ensemble directed by Alex Pertout
Yil Lull with Coro Ensemble and special guest Kutcha Edwards - Federation Hall [2009]
The Gathering with special guests Coco's Lunch - Iwaki Auditorium [2003]
The Gathering with special guest Christine Sullivan - Melbourne Concert Hall [2000]
Soul Sacrifice, Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Day - Dallas Brooks Hall [1995]
Jingo, Australia's Ultimate Drummer's Day - Dallas Brooks Hall [1994]

Mundo Ensemble directed by Alex Pertout
The Gathering with special guest Shane Howard - Melbourne Recital Centre [2012]
Vasantha with special guests Karaikudi R Mani and Gatham Suresh - VCA [2011]
Stonnington Jazz Festival with special guests Kutcha Edwards and Nilusha Dassenaike, Chapel Off Chapel [2009]
Riverdown with special guest Tom E Lewis, Willin Week, VCA [2008]
The Gathering with special guest Shane Howard - Iwaki Auditorium [2002]
The Gathering with special guest Alejandro Vargas - BMW Edge [2007]
The Gathering with special guests Karaikudi R Mani and Gatham Suresh - Iwaki Auditorium [2004]

As one of the founding member of the Australian Art Orchestra led by Paul Grabowsky, Alex has toured Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania, he has also performed as a soloist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and with artists such as Shane Howard, Paul Kelly, James Morrison, Brazilian guitarist Badi Assad, Brian Brown, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Kutcha Edwards, Jane Rutter, Slava Grigoryan, Christine Sullivan, Tony Gould, Tom E Lewis, Kavisha Mazzella, Don Burrows, Grace Knight, Goanna, The Seekers, Stephen Cummings, Kate Ceberano & Her Septet, Dannii Minogue, Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Marc Hunter, Tommy Emmanuel, Paul Grabowsky, Earl Brown, Debra Byrne, Steve Lacy, The Lovers, Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, Australian Pops Orchestra, Graeme Lyall, Mark Gillespie, Joe Chindamo, Cezary Skubiszewski, John Foreman, Andrew Pendlebury, Coco's Lunch, Ross Ryan, Kevin Borich Express, Pipoca, Bob Sedergreen, World Rhythm Band, Lisa Young, Linda George, The Purple Dentists, Linda Cable, Peter Cupples, Penny Dyer, Combo La Revelacion, Wjaz, Vince Jones and Savanna Silver Band among many others. He has also taken part in an array of diverse concert presentations such African Sanctus, Misa Criolla, Canto General, Axion Esti, Under The Southern Cross, Un Canto De Amor Al Pueblo and Festival Of Rhythm.

Australian Art Orchestra
Miles Davies: Prince Of Darkness
Adelaide Arts Festival, Adelaide Town Hall [2012]
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Town Hall [2010]

Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air
with Paul Kelly
Australian Tour 2011: Melbourne State Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Brisbane Festival Gardens, Canberra Theatre Centre, Adelaide Festival Theatre [2011]
Hamer Hall, Melbourne [2010]
Sydney Opera House [2008]
Adelaide Cabaret Festival [2006]

Melbourne Recital Centre [2009]
Artshouse, North Melbourne Town Hall [2008]
Castlemaine State Festival, Castlemaine Town Hall [2007]
Auckland International Festival, Town Hall, Auckland, New Zealand [2007]
Festival De Mexico, Teatro De La Ciudad, Centro Historico, Mexico [2005]
Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House [2001]
Melbourne Jazz Festival, Melbourne Town Hall [1999]
Adelaide Arts Festival, Adelaide Town Hall [1998]
MLC Auditorium, Melbourne [1997]

Ruby's Story with Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach
Wagga Civic Centre, Wagga Wagga [2009]
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [2008]
Auckland International Festival, Town Hall, Auckland, New Zealand [2007]
Water Water Festival, Sale, Victoria [2006]
Melbourne International Festival, The Famous Spiegeltent [2005]

Into The Fire with Karaikudi R Mani and Sruthi Laya
Melbourne International Festival, Hamer Hall, Melbourne [2003]
European Tour 2000: Singapore La Salle College, London St John's Smith Square, Denmark Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Germany Hannover World Expo, Czech Republic Prague Archa Theatre, Finland Pori Jazz Festival [2000]
Adelaide Arts Festival, Town Hall, Adelaide [1998]
Wangaratta Jazz Festival [1997]
New Horizons India Tour 1996: New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, India [1996]

Ringing The Bell Backwards
Melbourne Recital Centre [2009]
The Forum, Melbourne [1998]
Australian East Coast Tour 1995: Hobart, Melbourne, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Sydney, Newcastle, Armadale [1995]
The Continental, Melbourne [1994]
Melbourne International Festival, Malthouse Theatre [1993]

Testimony: The Legend of Charlie Parker
Sydney Opera House Steps, Melbourne Concert Hall, Adelaide Town Hall [2002]
Sydney Festival, Sydney Opera House [2001]

Melbourne International Arts Festival, Melbourne Town Hall [2009]

Kura Tungar: River Songs and Stories with Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach
Melbourne International Festival, Hamer Hall, Melbourne [2004]

Hard Core
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne [2003]

Shorelines by Howard Shore
Melbourne International Festival, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne [2001]

City Of Women with Deborah Conway
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Concert Hall [2001]

Concerto with Michael Kieran Harvey
Brisbane Biennial, Brisbane Town Hall [1997]

Improvisations with Palle Mikelborg
Brisbane Biennial, Brisbane Town Hall [1997]

Metropolis Series AAO & Melbourne Symphony Orchestra with Richard Mills
Malthouse Theatre [1994]

Improvisations with Steve Lacy
Wangaratta Jazz Festival [1994]

Graeme Lyall & Orchestra
Australia Remembers
Featuring John Farnham, Margaret Urlich, Grace Knight, Don Burrows, Anthony  Warlow, Slim Dusty and James Morrison, Palais Theatre, ABC-TV [1995]

Featuring Margaret Urlich, Renee Geyer, Grace Knight, Glenn Shorrock, Stephen Cummings, Debra Byrne, Paul Grabowsky, Ross Wilson and Chris Wilson Melbourne Concert Hall 1994

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Merge: A Memory Of The Senses
Composed by Gerard Brophy, conducted by Markus Stenz, featured soloist, Metropolis Series, Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne [1999]

Australian Pops Orchestra
Film Music
Composed and conducted by Stanley Black, Melbourne Concert Hall [1995]

Australian Philharmonic Orchestra
Classic Gas
With Tommy Emmanuel, Geelong Showgrounds 1996]

Elizabethan Melbourne Orchestra
The Last Night At The Romps
With Tony Gould, Melbourne Concert Hall [1990]

Joe Chindamo
Coen Brothers
Capital Jazz Festival, Street Theatre, Canberra [2012]
Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Comedy Theatre [2012]
Port Fairy Folk Festival [2011]
Stonnington Jazz Festival, Malvern Town Hall [2010]

Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Town Hall [2005]

Brian Brown
Winged Messenger
Monsalvat Jazz Festival [1995]

Kate Ceberano & Her Septet
I'm Beginning To See The Light
ANZ Pavillion, State Theatre, Melbourne [1986]

Oceania Tour
Punters Club, Caufield Park, Melbourne [1987]

Shane Howard
Opening for Bob Dylan, Palais Theatre [1989]
Opening for Hothouse Flowers, Melbourne Concert Hall [1988]

Linda Cable & Local Heroes

Opening for Spandau Ballet, Melbourne Entertainmenmt Centre [1993]

Ross Ryan
Opening for Van Morrison, Palais Theatre [1988]

Peter Cupples Band
Opening for The Dobbie Brothers with Michael McDonald, Festival Hall, Melbourne [1981]

Savanna Silver Band
Opening for Blondie, Byron Bay [1979]
Opening for Taj Mahal, Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall, Adelaide Festival Theatre [1978]

Misa Criolla

Conducted by Paul Sarcich, Melbourne Concert Hall [1989]

African Sanctus

Conducted by Paul Sarcich, Melbourne Concert Hall [1988]

Canto General
Conducted by Mark Dunbar, North Melbourne Town Hall [1986]

Un Canto De Amor Al Pueblo: Songs of Victor Jara

Brunswick Town Hall [1986]
Mechanics Institute [1984]

Axion Esti
Conducted by Mark Dunbar, North Melbourne Town Hall [1985]

Under The Southern Cross
Concert and Live Telecast featuring Colin Hay, Daryl Braithwaite, Shirley  Strachan, Shane Howard, Max Merritt, Brian Cadd, Joe Camilleri, Marc Hunter, Russell Morris, Alex Smith and Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - Melbourne Showgrounds, Seven Network [1986]

Festival Of Rhythm
Percussion Spectacular, Blackwood Hall [1981]
Brazilian Rhythm,
Blackwood Hall [1980]

As an educator he is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Contemporary Music Performance at the Faculty of VCA and Music at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has also been part of the music faculties at NMIT and at Drumtek. He has conducted masterclasses and workshops at Chisholm College, Alandale College, Bialik College, Piccolo Spoletto Festival, Future Music, Shepparton Arts Festival, Music Junction, Royal Australian Air Force, Victorian Rock Foundation, The Boite, Adelaide Rock Shop, Electric Factory and Meinl Percussion and at the University of the Visual & Performing Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka among others.

Academic Position
Senior Lecturer and Head of Contemporary Music Performance
Faculty of VCA and MCM
The University of Melbourne

Academic Education
MPhil in Music - ANU
DipMusic with High Distinction - VCA

Personal Rhythmic Education
Ongoing personal research into world percussion instruments, techniques and repertoire
Private studies with John Litchen, Harold Ripper, Jorge Morales, Barry Quinn, Raul Rekow, Jumma Santos, Milton Cardona, John Santos, Jose De Lorenzo, Bobby Sanabria, John Amira, Luis Conte, Renato Freyggang, Karaikudi R Mani, Gatham Suresh and Ravi Ravichandhira

His areas of expertise and research interests cover a wide range of activity. As an author Alex has released a book for instrumentalists and vocalists titled Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book designed to develop sight reading and rhythmic skills, published and distributed worldwide by Mel Bay Publications Inc. Alex writes regular percussion articles for Drumscene, was the Australian correspondent for Drum! [USA], and has also written articles for Australian Musician, World Percussion & Rhythm [USA], Transition [Holland] Jamm magazine.

Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book
Mel Bay Publications Inc [2001]

Areas of Expertise / Research Interests
World Percussion Instruments: Techniques, Performance
Latin American Music: Styles, Instruments
Afro‐Latin American Percussion: Instruments, Techniques, Repertoire, Performance
Latin American Ensemble: Development, Repertoire, Performance
Percussion Ensemble: Development, Repertoire, Performance
Hand Rhythm Techniques: Development, Performance
Rhythmic Devices: Development, Repertoire
Recording Techniques: Laptop Recording, Multitrack Techniques
Studio Recording: Production, Session Performance, Multitrack Performance
Small/Large Ensemble: Direction, Development, Repertoire, Performance
Improvisation: Development, Styles, Materials
Music Education: Curriculum Development, Assessment

Published Articles, Books, Dissertations
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Alex has been the recepient of Australia Council grants for recording and ensemble development — was one of the winners of Percussion On Fire a Jazziz On Disc [USA] magazine compilation of pieces by drummers and percussionists from around the globe, chosen by vibist Dave Samuels, percussionist Paulinho Da Costa and drummer Peter Erskine along with Jazziz editor Michael Fagien — was awarded the inaugural Latin Percussion Award 'Recognising Excellence in Australian Drumming' in the Skin Full Reader's Poll. He is endorsed worldwide by Meinl percussion, Sabian cymbals and gongs and Vater sticks and mallets.

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