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GUAGUANCO Afro-Cuban Rumba
The guaguanco is an Afro Cuban rhythm which forms part of the rumba family that also comprises yambu and columbia. There are several styles found throughout Cuba with the most influential being the 'Havana' (featured in this article) and 'Matanzas' styles. The 'Matanzas' style differs in the interpretation of the supporting drums; the tumbadora and segundo make use of variations in which they 'converse'.

The rhythm is usually performed with three drums; tumbadora, segundo and quinto, a pair of hardwood sticks that mark the 3/2 rumba clave rhythm known as claves and a hollowed piece of bamboo played with two sticks called cata. The names of the drums and stick parts vary throughout Cuba. The role of the drums calls for the tumbadora and segundo to carry the rhythm while the quinto interacts between the lead singer, supporting drums and backing singers utilising short phrases and at times two or four bar patterns. At a specified point in the arrangement the quinto is given a 'solo feature'. I had the opportunity to study with master percussionists Milton Cardona and John Amira (among others) in New York during my 1994 research tour and found that the parts presented here are the most common in use today. The parts are written in 3/2 clave direction.

Performance arrangement: Commence with claves, then low drum tumbadora (come in with an open tone on beat four), middle drum segundo (start with open tones on the 'two side of the clave'), catá and finally the high drum known as quinto.

key: O= Open Tone   P=Palm   F=Fingers   S=Slap   B=Bass









Quinto: 'Solo'

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